Designed according to the trendy art concept, we are Hong Kong’s ultimate Beauty Salon, base on the principle of inner and out harmony, with hair and nail service, we aim to rejuvenate and rebalance your entire being. Located in Central Hong Kong, prominent and conveniently location of Xenter symbolizes its leading position as lifestyle icon. The 4,000 sq. ft. Xenter boasts its New England and classical design, offering a great environment as 26 cutting area, 4 VIP room for private use. At Xenter, for once, it’s all about you. Why Xenter Beauty Salon No matter what your personal style, the Look always starts with a great foundation. Our hair stylists skillfully integrate the latest trends and timeless classic to deliver your look beautifully and intelligently. Each Xenter experience begins with professional consultation to help you visualize the end before we begin.


Founded in 2006, XENTER is operated by a group of young and very talented hair stylists who are much in demand in the entertainment industry, decided to open a large salon catering for celebrities and VIPs in the city.